• DFS is a professional software that allows working with equipment of standard CDMA with different level of complexity.
  • Software package DFS is fully automated and does not require deep knowledge of CDMA technology for working with equipment.
  • The main functionality of DFS is encapsulated and reduced in the interface down to the push-button mode of action decision (for instance, equipment unlocking or serial number recovery is performed exclusively by pressing the buttons “Read SPC” or “Save ESN” without any additional adjustment, regardless of a model of equipment and complexity of the algorithm of a process).
  • Capabilities of DFS are practically unlimited despite of the main algorithm encapsulation. Software package DFS has tools for low-level impact on equipment (working with RAM, file system, flash-device) that gives an engineer wider spectrum of possible duties.
  • DFS Group is not responsible for any damage caused directly or indirectly (fault of engineer or software failure) to the equipment in the process of working with it.